Who Is The Little Hippie Girl?

Posted by Gwen


Hey there! My name is Gwen Blouse and I am The Little Hippie Girl. Even though it has been quite a few years between running around carefree and barefoot, and my career as a graphic designer, I have never lost my love for the self-sufficient life.

Even as a young girl I was always fascinated with how people lived back in the old days, growing and preserving their own food, making their own clothes, living off the land.

My grandparents depended on their garden to feed the family. I observed first hand how my grandparents harvested and preserved their food. I remember the lard soap my grandpa used to make, big ugly blocks, and harsh, but what they used to save money, and it did the job.

Sadly, my grandma died while I was yet a teenager, so I had to teach myself how to can, how to sew, how to bake bread. And eventually, I taught myself, through trial and error, and a ton of research on the Internet, how to render tallow, how to make soap. Not those big ugly utilitarian blocks of lard soap like my grandpa use to make, but beautiful to the eye and fragrant, too.

It makes me happy to make soap. I am still amazed how combining such simple ingredients such as fat and lye gets you soap. It’s like a miracle!

Check out my soaps and other goodies. I hope they make you as happy as they make me creating them for you.

Peace and Love,
Gwen Blouse

Little Hippie Girl Soap Company

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