About My Soaps

Posted by Gwen


All my soap is hand made in small batches by me, your Little Hippie Girl, in the Cold Process type of soapmaking.

My soap bars almost always weigh out to more than the stated weight on the label, so you get more bang for your buck.

Depending on what I have in mind, my soaps’ main ingredient will be either beef tallow or palm oil, blended with a variety of nourishing oils such as coconut, palm kernel, sunflower, canola, castor, shea, or cocoa butter. Each particular oil adds its own skin soothing quality to the soap.

I render my tallow myself, from beef suet I purchase at the local farmers’ market from a family farm. I find it satisfying that I am making a useful product from something that might just be thrown away. Like back in the old days, nothing is wasted.

Also, contrary to popular belief, soap made with tallow does not clog pores, and it gives a rich, creamy lather and a hard bar that lasts in the dish.

I also use palm oil, commonly known as the “veggie tallow,” in some of my soaps as well. It also, combined with other oils makes a beautiful hard bar.

If you are a vegan, shop with confidence. Soaps made with all vegetable oils will be clearly labeled “All Vegetable Soap.”

I use only food grade sodium hydroxide (lye) in the making of my soaps.

I use essential oils and natural colorants such as herbs, as much as possible, but sometimes there is just a fragrance or colorant I want to try that just isn’t duplicated in nature. My labels are clearly marked as to all the ingredients, so you will always know exactly what I am using in my soaps. My fragrances are phthalate free.

If you have allergies, please take time to read the ingredients in the description of the individual soaps, to avoid possible irritation from ingredients that you may be sensitive to.

Photos of the soaps are representative of what they will look like. Due to the nature of handcrafted soap, there may be some variation from batch to batch in the appearance of the finished soap. New photos will be posted if I make a major change in the appearance of the individual soaps.

No matter what you are looking for, rest assured that the soap and other body products you buy here are made with care, and with the highest quality ingredients. My family and I use the very same soaps and lotions that I make for you. I never sell a product that I do not use myself.

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